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3 ASGE First Term Test (1) 2013/2014

1. Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets ( 4pts)

Arthur Sucker just ( have ) a nervous breakdown and his doctor (advise) him to take a week s rest
in a quiet place. Last Sunday, he decided to go to the country side. When he(arrive ) it was late ; so he
( go) straight back to bed after he ( take ) a pill. While he ( sleep) the water heater ( explode) in the
kitchen and Arthur ( wake) up terrified.
1..2..3..4 5..6..78

2. Express it differently ( 10pts)

1. We are giving him a wonderful opportunity.
2. Someone must send this letter today.
This letter.
3. The pages have been cut.
Someone . . the pages.
4. Customers boycotted the products
The productsby customers.
5. The secretary will type a report
A report.by the secretary.
6. Was the parcel delivered?
they . . the parcel ?
7. Does the company respect the environment?
.. the environment..?
8. He will finish his studies. He will apply for a job.
As soon as he..
9. If it rains this afternoon it will be too wet to play the match tomorrow, the captain said.
The captain said ..
10 "I am looking for a new job, Helen says
Helen says that

3. Ask question which the underlined words answer (3pts)

1. They have been waiting for three hours ?
2. She goes out for dinner twice a week.
3. They stayed 3 weeks in France.

4. Match items from column A with items from column B (2pts)

1. Could I use your computer? a. Yes, but not very well.
2. Id like to have the last Harry Potter, please b. Yes, of course. May I have you card, please?
3. Do you understand English films? c. I am afraid, you may not . Its out of order.
4. May I borrow this book for a week, please? d. I am sorry, but weve run out of it
1. 2. 3. 4.
devoir n 1
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